About us

Collaborative Women was born out of a passion to provide access to safe and affordable housing and to find ways of empowering women to forge their own paths. By working together with our partner organisations and local communities we aim to assist women in identifying and making the most constructive choices for their futures.

We are a service provider of peer group accommodation and life skills training, focused on helping marginalised young women aged 18-26.

By offering assistance in the form of safe living and life training to these women at the beginning of their journey away from crisis we do all we can to ensure they have a brighter future. In the process we aim to protect vulnerable women from homelessness, breaking the cycle of moving from dependent, often abusive relationships into emergency refuges, only to return to what they have fled. We believe that this is because they have never had the chance, in a safe and supportive environment, to gain the skills and confidence that would otherwise enable them to live independently.

The ‘not for profit’ organisation was founded in Trafford, Greater Manchester by Executive Directors; Jan Tasker and Grace McCorkle.

Both Jan and Grace are Housing Practitioners whose combined experience in their field spans four decades across the private, public and voluntary sectors.