Our model

Collaborative Women (CW) provides housing and life skill training for marginalised women aged 18-26 (typically from BAME communities). We offer assistance to women, who are frequently homeless, as they move from dependent, often abusive relationships into emergency refuges and the like. Often returning to what they have fled because they lack skills and confidence to live independently.

The Collaborative Women Model fills a gap in existing provision; meeting an unmet need by providing safe, move-on accommodation and training to help women become independent individuals.

Typically, (not exclusively) single 18-26 year olds are not eligible for social housing therefore there is no “duty of care” responsibility for LAs.

Public sector reform means that support services are drastically reduced/ non-existent for 18-26 year olds.

There is hard evidence that many women move out of refuges and fail to cope with the demands of life alone. They become socially isolated, suffering depression and worse. Becoming more vulnerable, desperate some turn to/ are forced into drugs and prostitution to survive OR, they return to their past, thus a continuous circle of violence continues.

Collaborative Women guide you to a positive future  OPEN DOOR


We aim to deliver positive and innovative solutions to inequality and social exclusion and ultimately end the circle of violence against women. Our programme compliments the work of emergency refuges.


Our objective is to provide safe, affordable living environments in addition to cultivating a plethora of skills to empower the women to forge their own self-sufficient futures and break the cycle and silence of violence against women.


We have developed a Moving Forward Programme which broadly provides; financial planning, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support to enable the women to acquire life skills, job skills, parenting skills, training, education, self-reliance and independence so they can heal, progress, and provide for them-selves.


The establishment of empowerment along with healthy living standards helps stop the cycle of addiction, violence, neglect and abuse so that the women can have a better chance at healthy, responsible, self-reliant living to pass the skills on to future generations.

our vision

 The projected vision is to build Collaborative Women across the nation through a proactive empowerment program, which is fundamental to independent survival and the foundation for the organisation.

To lead the safe, affordable housing revolution for women along the path to wellness and independence