Collaborative Women Community HUB

Our Training

Collaborative Women provide a range of workshops and training courses as part of our ‘Moving Forward Programme’.

Our individually-tailored programme has been developed to help all women who engage and is designed to empower women to become independent, whilst supporting them in building self-sufficient futures. Through learning new skills and gaining confidence women are able to re-discover their self-worth and seek help where needed, finding gateways to employment and access to training to help them achieve their goals.

The primary objective of all projects is to impart skills and knowledge to enable each woman to live their lives to the fullest, providing opportunities for growth and self-improvement and providing training in finance-management skills to promote more secure lifestyles.

In turn the participants are encouraged to share their skills with peers and younger generations. Establishing a community and support network that acts as a catalyst to overcoming cycles of long-term unemployment, addiction, violence, neglect and abuse. Giving women a better chance at building healthy and self-reliant lifestyles and passing on those skills to future generations. By raising awareness and providing training we aim to break the cycle of violence against women and the silence that surrounds it.

Completion of our courses will give women the skills to:

  • Improve their physical and mental health & wellbeing
  • Improve their skills & employment opportunities
  • Reduce social isolation
  • Encourage a more positive outlook to forge a self-reliant future
  • Promote better/ more effective use of technology
  • Improve management of finances
  • Gain new skills and confidence