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Collaborative Women have a range of workshops and training courses derived from our ‘Moving Forward Programme’; each comprises of a series of awareness/ self-help courses for up to 12 women.

The projects have been developed to help all women and are designed to empower women to become independent and forge self-sufficient lifestyles. Ultimately, upskilling and empowerment will allow the women to have a voice to seek help where needed and have the confidence to realise their own self-worth to find gateways to employment and or training to achieve their goals.

The primary objective of all projects is to impart skills and knowledge to empower individuals to live their lives fuller with healthier options and proper finance skills to promote that lifestyle. In turn the participants will be enabled to share their skills with peers and younger generations which then acts as a barrier to potential imposed cycles of worklessness, addiction, violence, neglect and abuse so that the women can have a better chance at healthy, responsible, self-reliant living to pass the skills on to future generations eventually breaking the cycle of violence, poor lifestyles as well as silence of violence against women.

Completion of courses will give women skills that will:

  1. Improve physical and mental Health & Wellbeing
  2. Improve Employment & Skills opportunities
  3. Reduce potential to be socially isolated
  4. Stimulate a more positive outlook to forge a self-reliant future
  5. Promote better/ more effective use of technology
  6. Improve management of finances
  7. Learn the skills to implement changes to enhance health and wellbeing
  8. Embark on a journey to self-motivation and empowerment. By attending they will be reducing any social isolation/ exclusion


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