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Community HUB

We have a Community HUB designed for women by women to bring them together and encourage a sense of community, connectivity and solidarity. Our HUB offers free interactive learning events to all women 18 plus and looking to learn something new. 

In 2015 we officially launched our Community HUB with the commitment to provide a variety of learning experiences to women with a purpose to help build confidence, inspire, have fun and hopefully give women the power to learn and change one each year.

In 2018 Trafford recorded 4,800 women reporting domestic abuse. The Collaborative  Women Community Learning HUB supported a significant number of women through  the HUB, who previously felt unsupported. Therefore, the vision for the HUB is to  contribute to the challenges of inequality faced by women in Trafford and build upon  our achievements to empower women through learning.

Collaborative Women UK has helped change the landscape for women in Trafford and  beyond, creating a different narrative with women from different backgrounds to have a  voice and self belief to empower themselves.  

Collaborative Community Learning HUB was specifically designed to provide a safe  non judgemental learning environment for women marginalized in communities  because of lived experience from gender focus abuse, homlessness and isolation due  to ill health.  

The HUB offers women 18 plus access to a plethora of learning experiences and  opportunities to improve their psychological emotional physical and financial  aspirations. Creating an environment that stimulates, and promotes change behaviour  through different learning experiences which leads to greater confidence, self worth,  and enables better mental health and well-being outcomes. The core ethos for the  HUB is to encourage peer group learning amongst and it’s never too late to learn to  improve individuals social, financial, and psychological independence.  

The increased interest from agencies and individuals has helped develop our  programmes to provide more structured projects with specific learning outcomes. For  the duration of this Corporate Plan Collaborative Women Community Learning aims to  develop a strong learning framework offering a mixture of structured and unstructured  learning opportunities

Collaborative Women Community Learning key objectives:

  • Encourage self love and aspirations

  • To create a diverse and inclusive learning framework

  • To improve knowledge skills and attitude to learning

  • To create a fun and positive learning environment

  • To improve women’s health and wellbeing

  • To improve community engagement

In 2020 due to the Pandemic we had to switch our Workshops to be delivered digitally via ZOOM. We won a couple of grants to be able to provide Chromebooks and WIFI Dongles to those who needed them so we could still provide our services to the community.

If you just fancy a coffee and a chat,  socialise and meet new people or just enjoy the time for you. Our Community HUB delivers learning events to celebrate and bring all women together to encourage a sense of community, connectivity and solidarity through a community spirit.

Collaborative Women Community HUB brings women together from different backgrounds and communities to celebrate women empowerment both in physical and digital spaces.

Look below for the schedule of our upcoming events and book your place now!

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