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Our Success

Headlines for 2020/21

Community HUB 

Providing educational  and learning opportunities for women remains the main focus for HUB.  Across the financial year 20/21 we delivered a diverse compilation of events that allows us to develop new partnerships to achieve our goals. Some of our biggest achievements included support from Barristers, CEOs’, Health and Fitness professionals and  Housing Associations leading women from their respective fields. Over the year we scheduled a total of 89 events both on and offline, which saw an increase of 42.7% since  2018.

The Virtual HUB

The creation of our Virtual HUB, was the perfect way to  show our commitment to women in our local communities. By producing innovative events we created endless possibilities and introduced existing and new women to the world of  digital learning.

SWAT  Skills Training Programme 

Collaborative Women were successfully awarded over £19,000 from WEA to develop our volunteer training  programme. The SWAT Training programme was created as an introduction to volunteering with Collaborative Women. Upon completion of the program, successful learners will be initiated into supporting operational acttivites to increase access to events delivered at  the HUB. 20/21 | 10 Women enrolled on programme | 14 Weeks guided and independent learning | Delivered online.

Zoom Clipart

We delivered 72 events via ZOOM to 444 Guests

Graphic Depicting Mental Health

19 Women supported requiring support for Mental Health issues

Picture of Coins

12 Women required support with Food and Fuel Poverty

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